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Pros and Cons of Selling digital products to make money online

One of the many lucrative ways to make money online is to sell digital products. Digitaldigiimagejpg products can take the form of ebooks, video courses or software. There are two alternatives to sell digital products. Either you become an affiliate of someone else or you create your own product. Both has got its share of advantages and disadvantages. We shall discuss the pros and cons of these two ways of selling digital products.
Selling as an affiliate:
The good thing about selling as an affiliate to make money online is that you do not have to undertake the effort of creating the product. All you got to do is find a suitable buyer market, select the product you want to promote to the market and finally promote the product to generate sales. Nowadays the product creators have made things even simpler for the affiliates by creating all readymade promotional tools like banners, email copy, advertisement graphics and lots more. Selling as an affiliate is probably the best thing a newbie could start, to venture into the vast world of make money online opportunities.
Selling your own product:
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How to generate targeted traffic to your website

Traffic is the ultimate key to sales and revenue generation. You may just have the finest affiliate website with a winningIncrease-Blog-Traffic-Free product, but all these efforts will be of no use if there is no targeted traffic to your website and if it is not ranking on the search engines for the specific search term.

The best part of your website ranking high on the search results is that whenever people are searching for the kind of service your affiliate site is promoting, it will show up as a relevant site in the search engines. Getting ranked on the search engines, results in bringing a lot of free traffic to a site which in turn means more subscribers and more sales.

I will outline some of the traffic generation techniques and getting relevancy to search terms for which you are trying to rank your site.


  1. Write fresh content to the blog which is attached to the affiliate product site. At least a few updates everyday is recommended for keeping your site ready to rank on Google. If you find it challenging to come up with regular content ideas, take the help of an article writer or even get reviews done for your affiliate product which you are promoting.
  2. One of the best ways to get your site or blog indexed on Google is to submit it to directories. The internet is spread with thousands of directories, most of which are free to submit. Submitting your site to these directories helps in the visibility of the site to Google which in turn help ranking. Submitting your site to 10-20 directories a month is a good idea to keep the visibility of your site to Google.
  3. Submitting your site to article directories is also going to help you boost ranking. This method has got two fold benefits. First, it exposes the visibility of your site to Google’s eyes. Second, it helps to create a brand identity for your site. People will search for your name when they are looking for any services or products relevant to your site and this goes a long way in creating a brand image and relevant backlinks.
  4. Affiliate marketing forums are another way of exposing your name in the affiliate world. With this method one can gain authority and respect as someone who can be trusted in a particular niche. The best way to keep improving your rank is not only to be active in the forum by asking questions but also by answering queries to gain the relevant authority
  5. Another very useful way to gain traffic is to post comments on various blogs within your niche. This helps in creating backlinks and at the same time creates an identity within that particular niche.

These are some of the methods you can employ to gain a better rank score on search engines which in turn will drive more traffic to you money making online affiliate site.