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Back Links Are Considered Popularity Votes

Back Links Are Considered Popularity Votes

Quintessentially, Google calculates the importance of a page by the number of such ‘votes’ it receives. Not only that, Google also assesses the importance of the pages that are involved in the voting process.  Consequently, pages that are themselves ahead in ranking and are important in that way also help to make other pages important. One thing to note here is that Google’s technology does not involve human intervention in anyway and uses the inherent intelligence of the internet and its resources to determine the ranking and importance of any page.


Hypertext-Matching Analysis


Unlike its conventional counterparts, Google is a search engine which is hypertext-based. This means that it analyzes all the content on each web page and factors in fonts, subdivisions, and the exact positions of all terms on the page. Not only that, Google also evaluates the content of its nearest web pages. This policy of not disregarding any subject matter pays off in the end and enables Google to return results that are closest to user queries.


Google has a very simple 3-step procedure in handling a query submitted in its search box:


  1. When the query is submitted and the enter key is pressed, the web server sends the query to the index servers. Index server is exactly what its name suggests. It consists of an index much like the index of a book which displays where is the particular page containing the queried term is located in the entire book.


  1. After this, the query proceeds to the doc servers, and these servers actually retrieve the stored documents. Page descriptions or “snippets” are then generated to suitably describe each search result.


  1. These results are then returned to the user in less than a one second! (Normally.)


Approximately once a month, Google updates their index by recalculating the Page Ranks of each of the web pages that they have crawled. The period during the update is known as the Google dance.

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How to Create A High Converting Squeeze/Landing Page Part 1

Guru with go to Sales Page

I have noticed over time clients that buy Solo Advertisement from me seem to have lost the main point of buying traffic(known as solo ads).

Just a little about myself. I have been working online since 2010. I started out without any direction and tried many different things online anywhere from social media manager to blogger, to coder. after some time I realized that building a list is the most important thing you can do online. Plus it was and is what I am GREAT at. I went from Air Conditioning tech during the day and Server BarTender at night. Making about $30,000 a year to Online Entrepreneur making a lot more and working a lot less. I have built several lists of over 50,000 subscribers. And have made over 6 figures in sales with just Paypal this year already. Not to mention cpa networks and other Merchants. So lets get on to the meat and potatoes.  Continue Reading

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Information Overload: How to get over it

I have been Marketing online for 3 years now and I had information overload many times but, there are many ways to combat information overload.
1. To do lists, you can simply save your to do lists on text documents, whiteboards and sticky notes
2. Calender, This is very explainotory
3. Mindmaps, Watch the video on my blog here